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Congratulating "LVD" trademark successfully registered in the Philippines

Date:2013-04-17     Content sources:Hongyuan

Congratulating that "LVD" trademark has been successfully registered in the Philippines. "LVD" has again successfully declared intellectual property on the international stage and has another brand banner on the global trademark registration diagram.

In August of 2011, "LVD” trademark submitted an application for registration to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and was approved by Philippine National Trademark Office on April 5, 2012, which indicated LVD trademark was successfully registered in the Philippines. The good news is that we have recently received the approved original copy of the certificate and releted profiles, which shows our company has again successfully taken a solid step to the internationalization strategy as well as greatly promotes our company ′s internationalization process and LVD brand market share in the entire Southeast Asian.

LVD is the abbreviation of “Light Very Different " and also Hongyuan brand core philosophy. Hongyuan has always dedicated to creating extraordinary light for customers since its establishment, to provide customers with the most comfortable, natural and energy-saving green lighting environment.

After winning OSRAM, Hongyuan established the world′s largest and most professional manufacturing base of LVD induction lamp, and put it into operation during one year at an unprecedented speed. The complete manufacturing cycle of research and development ensures every detail of the product. With all troubles unloaded, employees united with high morale, Hongyuan restored confidence and vigor and determined to make up for the lost six years with endless efforts. The company makes its technology and services move forward to stand in the forefront of the market to listen to the actual demands of customers directly, then designs and makes customized products especially for them. Clients’ individual needs can only be met with professional design and lean manufacturing, where the professional matching products of induction lamps could be provided from the perspective of expertise, functionality and culture. Moreover, the intellectual property will be a favorable tool for Hongyuan to win the market trust and vigorously explore the market, and will also safeguard its development at home and abroad in the future.