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The LVD Brand Showing Its Advantages Again Among Various Famous International Brands at the High-end Fairs Held in Dubai and Singapore

Date:2012-10-22     Content sources:Hongyuan

In 2011, Shanghai Hongyuan argued in the patent infringement dispute with no fear of their opponent’s economic power, and eventually triumphed over the lighting mogul, Osram. This very year, Shanghai Hongyuan invested in a wholly-owned subsidiary, and built the Jiangsu LVD Lighting Industry Base. This action clearly demonstrated Hongyuan’s urgent desire for development, as well as their prowess in researching, developing and manufacturing induction lamps. Shanghai Hongyuan has been focused on the lighting business with a great deal of concentration for more than twenty years, and after ensuring the clear ownership of intellectual property, Hongyuan shall have everything ready for a new start, a new level and a new attitude, to engage the search for a new growth. Hongyuan shall adhere to the lighting trends, speed up the pace of brand building and actively expand channels to increase the market influence and permeability of performance.

As the effects of the global economic downturn have continued to affect the market since the financial crisis started in September 2008, all countries realized the disadvantages of the “virtual economy” and chose the “real economy” model as their major strategy to fuel economic growth and restore its vitality. Besides, the lighting energy-saving is an important purpose for all countries to promote the tasks energy-efficiency and teach how to deal with climate changes. Roadmaps of the IL phase-out and action plans of patronizing the green energy-saving lighting have been released in more than ten countries and regions over the world. Therefore, the green-lighting-based economy is an essential part of the real economy, being great demand on the international market, which is expected to reach 115 billion dollars by 2015.

By seizing the historic process of phasing out traditional incandescent lamps and by accelerating the promotion of “green lighting”, Hongyuan has made great strides forward on the road to comprehensively improving its international market development based on their own home market associated with the protection of intellectual property. Overseas distribution centers are to act as the vanguard of Hongyuan’s internationalization strategy. Each center is a continuous exhibition platform, designed to display the professional and authoritative company image in this industry, for it is also a bridge, connecting the company with clients, aiming to solve a broad variety of problems and satisfy customers in a most immediate and efficient way. Now that the distribution centers in Dubai and Singapore and other localities have entered the track of healthy development, these are broadly welcomed and widely praised by both new and old local customers, and the success of marketing and sales campaigns is the best evidence for Hongyuan’s popularity.

Based on the outstanding advantages provided by maintaining the overseas distribution centers, after deeply analyzing the influence of exhibitions over the entire industry, their historical performance, evaluation and other priceless information, the company recently participated in an exposition entitled “Light in Middle East” held in Dubai between Oct.1st and Oct.3rd, 2012, and also took part in “Asia’s Green Building Event–Build Eco Expo” edition in Singapore from Oct. 10th to Oct. 12th, 2012. At those fairs, Hongyuan made a conspicuous appearance with the latest range of products and merchandises. The Induction lamp series, for instance, have the features of the most advanced design concepts and superior lighting performance. Hongyuan not only is the inventor of those induction lamps, but also possesses the largest professional production base in the world, thus, without a doubt, they become one of the most attractive exhibition stands, enjoying favorable public attention.

The company was set up, especially for the fair, a project office which was responsible for all exhibition-related affairs. Hongyuan‘s exhibition stand was considerably larger, compared to the regular stands. It was constructed with complex equipments, in order to create an all-directional and three-dimensional view of the products. In contrast with all king of LED lighting, LED bulbs, energy-saving lamps and part of metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other related items, shown in a great number, the induction lamp made by Hongyuan attracted the audience with its outstanding concept of environmental protection, energy-saving and advanced lighting technology, making a positive impression on people. The design of the exhibition stand was meant to, represent the significant effect of contrast of induction lamps against high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps used in traditional lighting, and to highlight the obvious advantages of induction lamps, including color rendering, stroboscopic illumination and glare among other aspects. The visual effect was so intuitive and strong that it could not help attracting a great number of potential customers to visit again. Furthermore, the company’s promotional materials and posters on-site were there to tell the history and evolution of Hongyuan during the years, new product features, latest production series and other contents, all of them reaffirming the market position of the induction lamp and the company’s main strength.

"Light Middle East” 2012 (Dubai) is one of the most famous brand exhibitions in the industry, organized by the Frankfurt Exhibition Company. It is also known as one of the largest and the most authoritative professional exhibitions in the multi-national architectural lighting business. The atmosphere at the fair was vivid, and the audience reaction was strong and emotional. Hongyuan’s stand was the one that drew a high degree of attention. In addition to that, we were honored by the visit of the President of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (a royalty) to Hongyuan’s stand. It was reported that Hongyuan is the one and only Chinese enterprise, participating in the fair, who received guidance from the President, and several local media reflected President’s interest.

President of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority was watching and guiding in person at Hongyuan’s exhibition stand.

“Asia’s Green Building Event–Build Eco Expo” 2012 was held in the newest, largest and most advanced exhibition center in Singapore, attracting more than 200 exhibitors from 21 countries, and gathering a great number of famous local practitioners, experts and main investors in the construction industry. In addition to the local clients in Singapore, the exhibition was also visited by customers from peripheral regions, such as Asia, Russia, United States, Australia, and so on. Professor Chen Dahua, the director of the Electric Light Source Institute at the Fudan University was invited by the organizer to make a keynote speech entitled Lights Very Different—The Introduction to the Induction Lighting. During that fair, more than one hundred well-known local experts, scientists and buyers took a keen interest in induction lamps, after carefully listening to the speech. Hongyuan was so honored that Fu Haiyan, Minister of the Singapore Department of Environment—Water Resources visited the exhibition personally, and gave useful advices. Moreover she had cordial conversation with the booth staff of Hongyuan, as she was interested in geting more information about induction lamps in particular and about the company.

Fu Haiyan, Minister of the Singapore Department of Environment—Water Resources was monitoring in person the stand of Hongyuan at the exhibition.

Professor Chen Dahua, director of the Electric Light Source Institute at the Fudan University was invited by the organizer to pronounce a keynote speech entitled Lights Very Different------The Introduction to Induction Lighting.


We received nearly a thousand messages from customers in between these two exhibitions; a cooperative relation of preliminary negotiation has been established with lots of customers having expressed their business intentions. This cooperation has proved to be very efficient and remarkable fruits have been achieved. Customers’ trust and their business intentions have obviously been significantly improved when it was brought to potential customers’ knowledge that there are already distribution centers of Hongyuan in Dubai and Singapore and other places all over the world. This has set good expectations for future communication and could be considered a good start, laying a solid foundation of a long-lasting cooperative relationship with customers.

Showing its advantages on the exhibitions in Singapore and Dubai, was an important step of internationalizing Hongyuan’s business strategy, which has become a good premise for Hongyuan to further develop and conquer overseas markets and evolve towards higher levels of quality. What is more, it marks another milestone in Hongyuan’s efforts to increase it brand’s international influence. It is believed that the internationalization of Hongyuan will have a splendid future, and Hongyuan will rapidly grow in the lighting industry in the world with the help of its innovative technology and high quality service.