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Continuous innovation,keep improving,many new lamps display

Date:2012-07-18     Content sources:Hongyuan

Since the foundation, Shanghai Hongyuan has always been keeping innovation as the inexhaustible force and key competitiveness of the Company’s development. Especially after the removal of the intellectual property dispute with OSRAM, Hongyuan opens to the world market and is more confirmedly aware of the key role of innovative technology. As it vigorously invests in scientific and technological projects, Hongyuan lets innovation essence and awareness be rooted into every R&D staff, and even every employee, building a good innovative platform, offering organization safeguard and keeping innovation and improvement in every field to a high level.

Hongyuan induction lamps are widely used in roads, factories, markets, venues, and warehouses. Not only they usher into a new wave of green, environment-protective and energy-saving, low-carbon. They are widely accepted and acclaimed because of unique advantages such as high lighting effect, low light degradation, instant opening. A whole series of Hongyuan induction lamps, like street lights, tunnel lights, downlights, garden lights, high bays, etc., basically cover all the fields of functional lighting. Over the years, induction lamps have always taken the lead in induction lamp market share and application. Hongyuan regards innovation as the soul of the Company’s development. Recently, the Company makes new breakthroughs and releases totally-new brands such as 03-030, 03-031, 05-005, 05-006 and so on.

New narrow angle high bay 03-030

Light design is the key to giving full play to the lighting advantage of induction lamps. Because they are large-sized, the reflector is hard to design and the current market lacks the special lights for induction lamps. Hongyuan, integrating the superior R&D force, once again makes a new breakthrough and successfully develops the diamond reflector especially for induction lamps. And such newly-released lamps utilize the diamond reflector patent technology originally invented by Hongyuan. It is designed with a multi-angle spherical reflection skill, connected with electrostatic spraying, shaped by one-time die-casting reflection technology, which upgrades its condensation property and reflective efficiency, while luminous efficiency rises by 20% in comparison to similar products with higher energy-saving properties, leading to better heat dissipation, wider application range, and stronger market competitiveness.


New wide angle high bay 03-031

Products 03-030 and 03-031 high bays, among others, are generally applicable to markets at all levels domestically and abroad, matching 110V-277V and 347V voltage and meeting the market requirements during the process of Company’s internationalized strategy. Considering the customers’ special requirements upon the height of workshop, water proof, narrow angle lamps and wide angle lamps have been designed, whose specifications cover 80W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 250W and 300W, applicable to low-, medium- and high-workshops, being the level of dustproof and waterproof up to IP65. Meanwhile, from the customers’ point of view, the products innovatively utilize three installation types such as hook-lifting, suspending and direct-suspending, whose installation and maintenance will be easier and upgrade the comfortable experience of customers.

Flood lamps 05-005 and 05-006 are used to test the market. These are high-power induction flood lamps designed on the basis of induction lamp distribution curve flux experience. They are unique in design and the distribution curve flux perfectly matches the features of induction lamps which offer perfect lighting effect to the customers.


New flood lamp 05-005 and 05-006.

After winning the lawsuit against OSRAM, with the industrial upgrade and transfer, internationalized strategy greatly propelling, and market requirement boosting, Hongyuan rapidly and stably expands the market share and keeps fast development momentum. Hongyuan will continue to be innovative, to expand products application scope, to improve products quality so as to show gratefulness to the customers for their expectation and support.