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Always remember the demand,Inherit the lighting essence

Date:2012-09-20     Content sources:Hongyuan

 1,Always remember the demand,Inherit the lighting essence

On June 5, 2012, Mr. Shen Gumao personally visited Shanghai Hongyuan. He gave Mr. Li Weide, Chairman of Hongyuan, a priceless gift- the carbon filament lamp invented by Edison. It is said that other enterprise once asked Mr. Shen Gumao for such lamp but Mr. Shen Gumao refused to give it away. Instead, he gave it to Hongyuan. For ordinary people, this is just normal behavior. But it is special for Mr. Shen. At that time, he was 80 years old, and suffered from apoplexy not long ago. In order to personally visit Hongyuan and give the lamp to us, Mr. Shen said he would fulfill his last trip to China. He persisted in walking 5 km per day to be in good health and overcome the difficulties. Mr. Shen finally gave the lamp to chairman Li Weide in person and they held hands tightly. Every employee of Hongyuan was deeply impressed with such eternal and touching moment. They were moved and grateful for Mr. Shen’s care and genuine feelings. Chairman Li sighed with emotion that “it is the most moving thing that has ever happened in my life”.

The aged Mr. Shen overcame difficulties and came to Hongyuan from afar. The lamp has far surpassed the value itself. What it gives Hongyuan is a torch in the lighting, especially the lighting essence that leads to technical innovation. Innovation is always the soul of the lighting industry. Mr. Shen wished Hongyuan to would always remember the lighting essence and let the lamp burn forever and be passed from generation to generation.


Chairman Li Weide made a special trip to Japan to visit Mr. Shen Gumao this month. He spoke with Mr. Shen about the development and prospect of induction lamps in Japan and in the world. Mr. Shen spoke concisely but vitally. As the leading authority in the lighting industry, Mr. Shen put forward many invaluable perspectives and development suggestions upon the development of induction lamps, which were of great significance and enlightened Hongyuan in its world strategies.

Chairman Li Weide gave a special gift to Mr. Shen Gumao- an album named Always Inherit the Lighting Essence. Mr. Shen Gumao was moved at the gift while Chairman Li felt delighted. With the help of Professor Chen Dahua, director of the Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University, Hongyuan made all-out efforts to collect the data from the events in which Mr. Shen Gumao visited China and looked around many organs such as illuminant and light materials manufacturing factories, institutes, China Illuminating Engineering Society, etc. These date back to 1992, and vividly show Mr. Shen Guamo in the light of the specialist who first helped China’s economic and technological development, offered selfless guidance and aid for China’s research and development in the lighting technology and made great contributions to China’s continuous development of the lighting cause. The album demonstrates the gratefulness and gratitude to Mr. Shen for his contribution to China’s lighting industry and showed Chairman Li’s respect and esteem for Mr. Shen Gumao.


2,Different country, different language, but common pursuit

Since the Copenhagen Conference, energy conservation and emission reduction have been an urgent and vital issue for society. It is estimated that the electricity China uses accounts for about 20% of the world usage, so China has been the main force for the issue. On November 4, 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “China’s Eliminating Incandescent Lamp Program”, in which it was maintained that general incandescent lamps would gradually be banned from importing and marketing according to their power since October 1, 2012. Such policy will promote the transfer and upgrading of traditional lighting enterprises, and drive sound development of lighting industry. For this purpose, the newly increased lighting industry’s production value will be about 350 billion RMB, reaching 500 billion RMB by 2015. The lighting industry will experience a fabulous opportunity to develop.

In such background, induction lamps are seen as the new illuminant with high lighting effect, long-term usage, high color rendering, excellent energy conservation and environment-friendly qualities turning into the main force to displace traditional lighting which will rapidly develop and reach an inestimable market prospect. Induction lamps’ market potential and value are hard to estimate and it is urgent for us to develop and achieve it. Currently, after a ten year’s market cultivation, we are gradually aware of its unique charm and customers worldwide also begin to realize its excellent effect. Especially after Hongyuan won the lawsuit against OSRAM, orders increase miraculously due to the trust. It vividly demonstrates that induction lamp develops well.

Over ten years ago, however, strictly speaking, no new illuminant could stably and efficiently displace traditional lights. In the last century, the industry development rapidly and greatly improved people’s life, but at the same time irretrievably damaged the environment. Far-sighted experts, especially in the lighting industry, focused on inventing a new kind of illuminant which is more environment-friendly, has higher lighting effect, and a longer usage term. Around the year 2000, Mr. Shen Gumao predicted that a better new illuminant must appear in early 50 years of 21st century, closely connected with the progress of electron device and electronic circuit; and he also forecasted that there would be two excellent illuminants in future, one of them being LED semiconductor, and the other one, the electrodeless discharge illuminant. This was namely the induction lamp, whose lighting effect and color rendering would obviously increase in comparison to traditional lights and which would be energy-saving and pollution-free.

Almost in the same period, Chairman Li Weide of Hongyuan, born in a lighting household in Shanghai of China, separated from Japan by the East China Sea, became the lighting expert who gained the special allowance of the State Council, as well as many other awards. He predicted the development prospect and direction of the lighting industry, injected hundreds of millions in research funding and combined micro-electronics and lighting source technologies to successfully apply integrated circuit technology and magnetic induction skills into ballast especially for magnetic induction lamps in the lighting field. He invented the induction lamp.

Mr. Shen Gumao was extremely excited at the news that a Chinese company had been the first to successfully invent induction lamp. He spoke highly of Hongyuan’s innovation essence to continuously overcome many technical difficulties and showed great confidence about the wide application and market prospect of Hongyuan induction lamp. The long-time unstable technology for western countries to develop induction lamp achieved a great breakthrough in China, and Mr. Shen Gumao’s dream for induction lamp had finally turned into reality. He said that he had never seen such an excellent invention although he visited China over 30 times. Hongyuan induction lamp was acclaimed as the new lighting invention that surpassed the world level.

Mr. Shen Gumao and Chairman Li Weide built a deep friendship around the induction lamp. Although they came from different countries, spoke different languages, the common and continuous pursuit for the lighting cause, like an invisible bond, allowed Mr. Shen to care about the development of the Hongyuan induction lamp all the time. Chairman Li respected and esteemed Mr. Shen and benefited a lot from Mr. Shen’s words and guidance. In the later stages of the induction lamp development, Hongyuan gained a lot of guidance and help from the perspective of technical research and development coming from Mr. Shen.

What Mr. Shen Gumao expected most was to inherit the lighting essence, to turn the unfulfilled dream of lighting cause into reality, and to make a new contribution. As for Hongyuan, it would live up to Mr. Shen’s expectation and spread the green lighting tenet of induction lamp to the whole world. Since its foundation, Hongyuan always continue to innovate, march forward. In the future, Hongyuan will piously inherit the torch that shows the lighting essence to let the induction lamp illuminate the world and light up the future!