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Lighting essence is passed from generation to generation

Date:2012-06-15     Content sources:Hongyuan

1,Impressed in the moved moment

On June 5, 2012, Mr. Shen Gumao personally visited Shanghai Hongyuan. He gave Mr. Li Weide, chairman of Hongyuan, a pricelessgift- a carbon filament lamp invented by Edison. It is said that another enterprise once asked Mr. Shen Gumao for such lamp but Mr. Shen Gumao refused to give it away. Instead, he gave it to Hongyuan. For ordinary people, this is just a normal behavior. But, it is special for Mr. Shen. At that time, he was 80 years old, and had suffered from apoplexy not long ago. In order to personally visit Hongyuan and give the lamp to us, Mr. Shen said he would fulfill his last trip to China. He persisted in walking 5 km per day to be in good health and overcome the difficulties.


Shen Gumao (the second form the right side), consultant of International Electric Lighting Academic Committee and reputed president of Japanese Lighting Association, gave a carbon filament lamp invented by Edison to Chairman Li Weide (the first from the right side).

In the meeting, Mr. Shen was thin in cheek and showed a sequel of apoplectic gestures when he spoke and behaved. However, his eyes were expressive and quick in thought, humorous in words. Mr. Shen finally gave the lamp to chairman Li Weide in person and held hands tightly. Every employee of Hongyuan was deeply impressed with such eternal and touching moment. They were moved and grateful for Mr. Shen’s care and genuine feelings. Chairman Li sighed with emotion that “it is the most moving thing that has ever happened in my life”.

Mr. Shen Gumao worked as managing director, section chief of Lighting Business Division and chief engineer of Panasonic Corp. in 1962. Meanwhile, he was also consultant of International Electric Lighting Academic Committee and reputed president of Japanese Lighting Association, and also the specialist that first helped China in its economic and technological development. Back then, he had very high reputation in the lighting circle at home and abroad. What made the esteemed talent insist to come to China and give the lamp to Shanghai Hongyuan in person? Obviously, it was not merely a simple granting. The aged Mr. Shen overcame difficulties and came to Hongyuan from afar. The lamp has far surpassed the value itself. What it gives Hongyuan is a torch in the lighting, especially the lighting essence that leads to technical innovation. Innovation has always been the soul of the lighting industry. Mr. Shen wished Hongyuan to always remember the lighting essence and let the lamp burn forever and be passed from generation to generation.

2,Induction lamp made Mr. Shen Gumao build up deep relationship with Shanghai Hongyuan.

Back in the day, Mr. Shen suggested that in the 21st century, environmental protection should be an issue that to be considered and put into action as a priority; illuminant and the lighting industry shall also be actively put into action in this project so as to gradually improve the environment and fulfill pollution-free lighting. In hot pursuit of environment-friendly society and innovative lighting, around the year 2000, Mr. Shen Gumao predicted that a better new illuminant must appear in the early 50 years of the 21st century, which is closely connected with the progress of electron device and electronic circuit; and he also forecasted that there would be two excellent illuminants in the future, one of them, the semiconductor LED, and the other one, electrodeless discharge illuminant, namely induction lamp, whose lighting effect and color rendering would obviously be increased in comparison with traditional lights and which would be energy-saving and pollution-free.


Communication between HongYuan Team and Shengumao Team

Hongyuan also predicted the development prospect and direction of the lighting industry, injected hundreds of millions of research fund and combined micro-electronics and lighting source technologies and to successfully apply integrated circuit technology and magnetic induction skill into ballast special for magnetic induction lamp in the lighting field. He invented the induction lamp. As of the invention of induction lamp, which is the new illuminant and represents the development trend in future, it has been a hit in the lighting circles. Many famous specialists and scholars including Morris Strong, the UN Under-Secretary-General and Eric, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, spoke highly of Hongyuan induction lamps. Besides, mainstream media at home and abroad also reported the advancement and lead of induction lamps in the industry.

Mr. Shen Gumao visited China and looked around many organs such as illuminant and light materials manufacturing factories, institutes, China Illuminating Engineering Society, etc. These date back to 1992, and vividly show Mr. Shen Guamo in the light of the specialist who first helped China’s economic and technological development, offered selfless guidance and aid for China’s research and development in the lighting technology and made great contributions to China’s continuous development of the lighting cause. We can say that Mr. Shen always cared about and witnessed the development and prosperity of China’s lighting industry and built a special and profound feeling for China’s lighting industry.

Mr. Shen Gumao was extremely excited at the news that a China’s company had been the first to successfully invent induction lamp. On Aril 27, 2004, Mr. Shen came to Shanghai Hongyuan accompanied by Professor Chen Dahua, president of Fudan University Electric Lighting Institute. In this period, Doctor Shen was told about the design ideas and innovative technology in induction lamps and spoke highly of Hongyuan’s innovation essence to continuously overcome many technical difficulties and showed great confidence about the wide application and market prospect of Hongyuan induction lamps. The long-time unstable technology for western countries to develop an induction lamp led to a great breakthrough in China, thus, Mr. Shen’s dream for induction lamp finally turned into reality. He said that he had never seen such an excellent invention although he had visited China over 30 times. The Hongyuan induction lamp was acclaimed as the new lighting invention that surpassed a world-class level. Mr. Shen’s appreciation inspired Hongyuan and further solidified the confidence and direction of promoting induction lamps to the world and offered decision and strength for Hongyuan to keep marching forward on the way of innovation and technology.

3、Lighting essence is passed from generation to generation

As Hongyuan was in a favorable situation, it suffered the lawsuit filed by OSRAM upon intellectual property rights. Over the past 6 years, Hongyuan had to slow down its rapid pace. In 2011, after Hongyuan completely won OSRAM, it unloaded all the troubles and fully participated in investment. Hongyuan injected 0.5 billion RMB and built Jiangsu Lide Lighting Industrial Base, which fulfilled the large-scale automation production of a whole industrial chain of induction lamps. This helped safeguard the products quality, price and delivery term to vigorously expand the market. “Trust” strengthens the consumption willingness, so regular clients and dealers began to actively negotiate with Hongyuan for business. As a result, the sales volume increased miraculously, which led to a broad way to develop.


Picture of Shen Gumao (fourth from the left side) entourage and Hongyuan team

Looking back to the six-year OSRAM dispute, difficult and troublesome as it was, Hongyuan never forgot to revitalize the lighting industry and never stopped innovating. Instead, Hongyuan always took innovation as an inexhaustible source of motivation and core competitiveness for the company’s development. Nowadays, with OSRAM lawsuit removed, in the face of such an opportunity and wide market chances, Hongyuan is more calmly and soberly aware of innovation’s key role in technology and always accepts innovation as the forceful impulse for rapid and steady development. As it injects a great fund in scientific and technological projects and advanced R&D devices, Hongyuan even lets innovative essence and realization be rooted in every R&D staff and every employee, building up a good platform and offering organizational assurance. Be brave in innovating and continue to make breakthroughs to reach leapfrog progress and build a century Hongyuan.

Induction lamp integrates light, electricity, magnetic technologies. It is a new illuminant that represents high light effect, long-term use and high color rendering in future development. It meets the trend of building environment-friendly lighting and resource-saving society, which shows great market prospect and limitless potential. Being the first to invent induction lamp, Hongyuan always dedicates a lot to research and development and fabricates induction lamp products. Even during the six-year OSRAM lawsuit, Hongyuan still kept innovating and marching forward in the field of induction lamps. Mr. Shen Gumao sighed with emotion “Shanghai Hongyuan still achieves rapid development in spite of the troubles.” Mr. Shen Gumao’s great attainments in the lighting and illuminant industry make him believe in the future of induction lamps. Mr. Shen chose the Hongyuan induction lamp as the successor of inheriting lighting essence on the ground that Hongyuan was the forerunner and leader in the induction lamp industry, especially for his unremitting and innovative spirit. Hongyuan would surely live up to Mr. Shen’s expectations and carry forward the lighting essence. Hongyuan will continue to firmly take innovation as the key drive force and constantly make new breakthroughs so as to vigorously and lively take the lead in the industry and benefit more people through innovating technology.